Trish Wade

Organic, Contemporary New Mexico Art

Ruidoso, NM

About Trish Wade Bio Large

Trish has had an intimate relationship with paint as far back as she can remember. If paint was involved she begged to be in the middle of it. With supportive parents, and accomodating Grandmothers she learned early how to use a brush.

Although she’s had no formal education in the arts, art and painting have been a large part of her life. Even a 10 year career as a professional Faux finish artist and muralist, decorating the homes of Clients all over New Mexico.

As a life-long New Mexican, this land is deeply ingrained in her being. It is her home. Her constant source of energy and inspiration. Living in the high desert mountains, she is surrounded in the rich colors of every sunrise and sunset, the diverse landscape, the traditions and cultures of our people. In her own words, “I am expressionistic in my paintings, they are my attempt to relay my own sense of wonder, magic, and emotion to the world around me. My own backyard. With a few symbolic spiritual connotations thrown in from my own personal quest for answers.”

A bit of Earth. A bit of Sky. Of Ancient Spirit, and Modern Man. This is the place she wishes to bring the viewer. Her magical place, somewhere between physical reality and her spiritual connection to it.

Her paintings have been collected from coast to coast in private residences and commercial buildings.